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Категория: Металлообработка

The list of production includes automated lines for making profiled shee ─ 20000

The list of production includes automated lines for making profiled shee ─ 20000

Company ElectroMashStan is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer and exporter of production machinery

for processing light gage sheet metal to CIS countries and to the far abroad countries.

The list of production includes automated lines for making profiled sheeting,

metal tile, lines for production of reinforcing profiles, frame profiles,

drywall tracks and any other construction profiles, coil metal slitting and shearing lines et cetera.

The engineering history of the enterprise and the component partsof the world’s leading manufacturers guarantee reliability of the equipment. At the time being, more than 800 hundred automated lines produced by ElectroMashStan provide the successful business activity of the foreign manufacturers all over the world.

Дата размещения : 2015-06-18
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